Creating Economic Growth &
Resolving Social Issues

A Society Where Economic Growth and Resolving Social Issues Are Aligned

About us

GLIN Impact Capital was founded in 2020 with the aim of contributing to the development of impact investments and impact-focused startups in Japan and around the world. With a mission to “build a more sustainable capitalism,” or in other words, achieve a society where social issues are autonomously resolved alongside economic growth, we aspire to create a society where all business and financial activities incorporate external economic and sustainability factors in their pursuit of growth. Based on this mission, we pursue innovative approaches to management and finance through our investments (impact/ESG investments) and corporate transformation activities while contributing to the development of a more sustainable society.

What we do

ESG & Impact Investing

We make impact/ESG investments in growth-stage unlisted companies in Japan and the U.S., and support our portfolio companies to grow sustainably while pursuing their social mission. As the first-generation impact/ESG investment fund in Japan, we will contribute to the development of the evolving ecosystem while sharing our knowledge with our stakeholders.

Sustainability Consulting

We provide consulting services that accurately capture the societal changes represented by the expansion of impact/ESG investing and the increasing importance of sustainability management. Our goal is to contribute to corporate transformation and enhancement of corporate value. We accompany our clients throughout this process, providing guidance and support to help them navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability in achieving their goals.


On the Slope is a fresh produce e-commerce platform with the mission to promote “agriculture that lasts for 100 years.” They leverage the power of technology and combine it with environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods to achieve their mission.

JSH strives to promote disability and mental health inclusion by providing home health care services and partaking in regional development projects with a mission to “create joy and happiness through people.”

UniFa Inc.’s mission is to “create new social infrastructures that create happy families around the world.” UniFa provides ICT and IoT solutions for seamless operational support for daycare centers and other childcare facilities.

Asuene’s mission is to “create a better world for the next generation.” Through their enterprise SaaS and consulting service offerings, Asuene strives to build a future where businesses embrace a decarbonized and socially responsible society.

TeraWatt Technology’s mission is to achieve “complete electrification for a sustainable society.” They are developing next-generation lithium-ion batteries that are significantly lighter, smaller, more powerful, and can be operated safely compared to existing lithium-ion batteries. Their goal is to commercialize these batteries in the marketplace.



Masato Nakamura

Masato worked at Mitsubishi Corporation, developing new businesses in the AI/IoT New Business Development team and exploring investments in high-growth startups. At Harvard Business School, he served as President of the Impact Investment Club and collaborated with the Acumen Fund. In 2020, he founded GLIN.

Expertise: Impact/ESG investment, evaluation, and value creation.

Impact/ESG themes: Exploring the intersection between economy and society, addressing income inequality, and environmental concerns.


Masahiro Hata

Masahiro worked at Mitsubishi Corporation where he engaged in business turnaround and gained overseas experience in Brazil. At Harvard Business School he deepened his knowledge in impact/ESG investment and worked at Anzu Partners and JAFCO, investing in startups and growth-stage firms. He founded GLIN in 2020.

Expertise: Impact/ESG investment, evaluation, and value creation.

Impact/ESG themes: Climate change, opportunity gap, building an ecosystem for impact investment.


Sadaharu Saiki

Sadaharu gained global marketing and social impact marketing experiences at Dentsu. After working abroad in India, he studied impact/ESG investment at Harvard Business School while working with Omidyar-affiliated VC firms in Washington, D.C., and Kenya. After graduating with distinction, he joined McKinsey and later founded GLIN.

Expertise: Impact/ESG investment, evaluation, and value creation.

Impact/ESG themes: Addressing the wealth gap and supporting businesses with high additionality.


Yuji Kato

Yuji previously worked for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the OECD (Paris), Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch (London). Notably, he had also served as the Managing Director of GE’s Healthcare Business in Asia, President of Permira Advisors Japan, and Executive Managing Director, COO & CIO of the Cool Japan Organization. Yuji holds an MBA from Yale University. He joined the founding team in 2021.

Expertise: Investment strategy, investment & evaluation, and enhancing corporate value.

Impact/ESG themes: Building an economic system optimized for externalities and long-term elements.

Consulting Partner & Portfolio Team Manager

Yosuke Tamura

Yosuke worked at EY Japan where he engaged in HR and organizational consulting to promote Diversity & Inclusion. At Accenture, he worked on policy recommendations for ESG investment for G20 countries. After studying impact/ESG investment at IE Business School, Yosuke joined GLIN in 2021.

Expertise: Impact/ESG investment, value creation including formulation of sustainability strategy.

Impact/ESG themes: DE&I, wellbeing.

Consulting Partner & Portfolio Team Manager

Tsuyoshi Domoto

Tsuyoshi began his career at JP Morgan followed by PwC Sustainability where he supported Japanese corporates with their sustainability initiatives. After graduating from Harvard Graduate School of Education, he served as the Country Manager of Saturday Kids Japan, a programming school for kids. He was previously the Director of Global Business Development at Wonderfy before joining GLIN in 2023.

Expertise: Sustainability strategy and impact-weighted accounting.

Impact/ESG themes: Education

Consulting Director​​

Ulysses Aoki

Ulysses worked at EY Japan where he helped build the sustainability team, serving as a catalyst to grow the sustainability market in Japan. He joined Spiber Inc. in 2021 as the head of long-term strategy. As a sustainability professional, he strives to promote business and human rights and sustainable supply chain agendas. He joined GLIN in 2023.

Expertise: Value creation, sustainability strategy, human rights.

Impact/ESG themes: Human rights, well-being, value chain impacts.

Consulting Manager​

Ryuhei Terada

Ryuhei worked at MUFG Bank and later at an ESG consulting firm where he helped businesses formulate ESG-related policies and regulations, and improve ESG evaluation. As a CDP Scoring Partner, he engaged in scoring and consulting in scenario analyses and GHG emission reduction. He joined GLIN in 2023.

Expertise: Value creation, sustainability strategy, response to climate change

Impact/ESG themes: Impact-weighted accounts, economic inequality, environmental issues


Yuki Nakao

After completing her master’s degree at the Graduate School of Public Policy at UTokyo, Yuki worked at SDG Partners as an ESG strategy consultant. At PwC Advisory, she experienced projects in M&A advisory, ESG strategy and value creation model, human rights due diligence for supply chains, and pre-M&A ESG due diligence. Yuki joined GLIN in 2023.

Expertise: ESG strategy, ESG due diligence and valuation, human rights.

Impact/ESG themes: Quantification of non-financial values, DE&I, human rights.


HBS Professor,
Shawn Cole

Shawn Cole is a professor at Harvard Business School (HBS), where he teaches and conducts research on financial services, social enterprise, and impact investing. Before joining the HBS, he worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the economic research department. He has served on the Boston Federal Reserve’s Community Development Research Advisory Council, as well as on the Gates Foundation, and was the chair of the endowment management committee of the Telluride Association.


HBS Professor,
Vikram Gandhi

Vikram Gandhi is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. Vikram is the Founder of Asha Impact, an impact-oriented venture capital firm and is also a Senior Advisor to The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. He is also a member of the Business Administration Advisory Board at University of the People and a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and has been a part of the New York, Hong Kong and Mumbai chapters. In his vast career, he spent a total of 23 years in investment banking at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.


HBS Professor,
Professor Brian Trelstad

Brian Trelstad is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, where his teaching and research focuses on social entrepreneurship, systems change, impact investing, and the role of business in society. Brian is also a Partner and Board Member at Bridges Fund Management, an impact investing fund that invests in health, education, and environmental services business. Prior to Bridges, Brian was the Chief Investment Officer of Acumen, where he oversaw investments in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Arisa Miyakozawa

Arisa has been involved in research and training projects related to impact investing and philanthropy in Japan and the United States at institutions such as Indiana University School of Philanthropy, the Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF), the Social Impact Management Initiative (SIMI), and the Sagamore Institute. Previously, she spent eight years in the U.K., where she worked for Storm Research Limited, an independent public equity research firm, conducting research on small and mid-cap stocks in Japan.


David Freiberg

David is a founding member of the Impact-Weighted Accounts Initiative (IWAI) and leader of impact-weighted accounting services at EY CCaSS. He has extensive experience in implementing IWAI for companies and investors worldwide. David played key roles in developing impact and ESG services at top consulting, legal, and audit firms, including KKS Advisors and Paul, Weiss, where he helped establish “Sustainability & ESG” and “Civil Rights & Racial Equity Audits” practice groups.


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