GLIN partner Masato has been appointed as an advisor to the GIIN VC Knowledge Hub.

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a global impact investing association ecosystem building organization of more than 440 financial institutions in 59 countries that promote impact investing.

This year, GIIN launched a VC Knowledge Hub for VCs from member institutions to plan various partnerships and collaborations, aiming to improve engagement and collaboration among member institutions. GLIN partner Masato is the only GIIN VC from Asia’s advisory board member appointed to plan and implement the VC Knowledge Hub.

The VC Knowledge Hub aims to innovate and reimagine how individuals connect with and access information, insights, and expertise in venture capital impact investing. It supports learning and networking in venture capital by providing abundant content such as interviews, member’s experiences, and a resource library.

As an advisor, Masato’s primary role as an advisor is to support the development of programs specific to impact investing in venture capital within the Knowledge Hub. He will remain attuned to market opportunities and challenges in venture capital, identify key VC topics to showcase in the hub, and ensure the delivery of pertinent, up-to-date, and high-quality information to impact investors within the network.

This year, the advisors are planning to host events jointly. 

Please refer to the program below for the details.